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Q & A

Q. We are of two different religions and cultures.  Our families want us to recognize them in our ceremony.  Do you do that?


A. Yes I do.  I have incorporated rituals, both religious and cultural, into hundreds of ceremonies.  Let me know what you would like and we will make it happen.


Q. Do you provide services for the LGBT community?


A. Absolutely!  I have provided services for couples from the LGBT community since the onset of the legalization of same-sex marriages in Ontario.  I was even performing marriages on the float at Pride 2011!


Q. We would like to have a ceremony which is English and Spanish, is that possible?


A. I can incorporate as much or as little Spanish, English or Portuguese into your ceremony as you wish.


Q. Where do we get a Marriage Licence and why do we need one?


A. You can purchase a marriage licence at any City Hall or Civic Centre in Ontario.  The application and requirements are on  The Marriage Licence is your permit to legally marry in this province.  It must be brought to the ceremony on the day of the wedding where I will fill it out, have the couple along with two witnesses sign and I will mail it to the Registrar's office.


Q. What do we do with the "Record of Solemnization of Marriage"? (Page 2 of your license)


A.  This is a record/keepsake for you to have.  It has no legal bearing and is not to be mailed to any government office.  Some places, such as banks or some immigration offices, do recognize it as proof of marriage but the Marriage Certificate is  a completely different item that you can apply for 6-8 weeks on after you marry.  A Marriage Certificate is the legal proof of marriage.


Q. Will you be staying for the dinner and celebration after the ceremony?


A. As much as I appreciate the invitation, I will not be staying for the celebration.  


Q. What do you wear?


A. I wear either my black Magistrate or Geneva Gowns (my Judge Judy's).  I also have stoles for Christian and Spiritual ceremonies which are only worn upon request.


Q. Do we call you Reverend, Ana or Paula or Ana Paula?

A. Paula please

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